Rolling M Ranch
Family Pictures





Aerial view of Rolling M Ranch

Connie with a calf

Lana and Pat putting hay in the barn

Marion and Dorothy with Bear

Marion in the Mule

Pat and M.E. at a ball game

Bud and Alexis on the fence

New Home for the McHugh's

M. E. and Connie rescue new calf

Bud and Alexis at 4th of July BBQ

McHugh family in new house at Christams

Mr. and Mrs. Brian Long (Connie and Brian)

Lana playing with Cody

Pat checking on the cows

Chad giving Rock MY World a big hug

Herd sire, son of 6I6, RMR Rock My World CK11

Marion and Rock My World

The Long family leaving church: Alexis, Connie, Brian and Bud

Marion and Connie (Mrs. Brian Long) dancing at wedding

Rolling M barns and lake

M. E. with his calf

Paddocks and sale barn

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