On October 28, 2006, in our Fourth Annual Rolling M Ranch Production and Bull Sale at farm the in Tignall, Georgia, we will present our best females, and herd sire prospects for sale.  Our dedication to our goal of producing seed stock in the top 25% of the AHIR EPD's has produced a crop of females that we know will impress you.  We are excited to offer you these excellent animals, representing Georgia's finest.

Rolling M Ranch is located in beautiful northeast Georgia. It lies along Chickasaw Creek, 12 miles south of Elberton, Georgia, on Highway 17. Nearly 500 acres of lush, green rolling hills supply ample grass and hay for our herd of 300+ registered Angus cattle.

We welcome visitors any time ... the coffee is always ready.

Rolling M Ranch | Marion and Dorothy McHugh
7780 Elberton Road, Tignall, GA 30668
Phone: 706-285-2648 | E-mail: dmchugh@