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Rolling M Ranch, located in beautiful Northeast Georgia, lies along the Chickasaw Creek, just north of Tignall, Ga., on Highway 17.  Located in Wilkes County, near the Elbert County border, Rolling M Ranch is situated on nearly 500 acres of rolling hills with ample pasture to support our herd of 300-plus registered Angus cattle that are bred to be easy keepers and to sustain themselves on grass and hay.

Established in 1998, Rolling M Ranch is becoming a leader in genetics for the Angus breed in Northeast Georgia. Our dams are fertile, have strong maternal traits and have good disposition. Our bulls are fertile, easy fleshing with muscle, and transfer these traits to their calves. The animals are bred to produce calves at a minimum in the top 25% EPDs of the Angus breed as defined by the AHIR program. Many record EPDs in the top 5%! Our dams themselves have balanced EPDs and are bred to sires with balanced EPDs with predictable outcome.

Marion and Dorothy McHugh are the owners of Rolling M Ranch. Both were born in Alabama and both are Auburn University graduates. After working in the aircraft industry in Califorina, and after Marion's retirement from Northtrop Grumman, the family moved to Tignall, Georgia, and established Rolling M Ranch with the goal of creating an Angus herd that would be a leader in moving the Angus breed forward to meet the demands of tomorrow's beef industry. We have a strong artificial insemination and embryo transfer program to further this goal.

Another of our goals is to develop Rolling M Ranch into being a leader in conservation practices in Northeast Georgia. We aim to make Rolling M Ranch an example of the positive co-existence of cattle with the environment. Through rotational grazing, soil testing and erosion control, our pastures improve each year. We are members of Quail Unlimited and Wild Turkey and are using conservation practices to actively encourage wildlife to return to Rolling M Ranch. Already, we have installed two new creek crossings, refurbished an existing creek crossing and began fencing off creek beds. Also, more than 700 trees (hardwood and fruit) have been planted near the creek beds. Other projects we recently completed include building a pole barn and restoring existing out buildings. We also built a sale barn for our fall annual production sale.

This year, we will refurbish stream crossings, install a new solar pump and well for a 65 acre pasture that has no water at this time, build a new access road to home site, restore riparian areas on both sides of the streams, and many other projects.  We will also plant hardwood trees in these areas as needed to restore wildlife to the area. Additionally, we continue to improve the existing out buildings, pastures and hayfields.

We have four children. Connie is the oldest. She received her under graduate degree in industrial engineering from University of Southern California and her MBA from Northwestern. She is now working as a consultant for Mayor Richard Daley of Chicago. Connie became "Mrs. Brian Long" on
May 28, 2005.  We now have  two wonderful grandchildren Bud and Alexis Long. M. E. (short for Marion Edward) received his undergraduate degree from California State University at San Bernadino and he received his MBA from University of California at Irvine. He completed his doctorate in Accounting and Information Systems at the University of Arkansas in August 2005. M.E. is teaching at the  Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia. Lana received her undergraduate degree from Berry College in Rome, Georgia and her Masters Degree from Auburn University in Auburn, Alabama. Lana owns her own personal fitness business in Alpharetta, Georgia. Pat the youngest is an undergraduate at Auburn University. He is studying Agriculture Economics. Our third "son" is Chad Cloud, Pat's best friend from when they grew up in Southern California. Chad graduated from Azuza Pacific University in California in May 2005 with a double major, History and Political Science.  He plans to enter the Los Angeles Police academy shortly.

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